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LiteTile+ Plus 4 is the first foldable LED lighting fixture made completely with engineered textiles. LiteTile+ Plus 4 allows the user to install thin, soft, and adjustable Kelvin light into areas previously inaccesible. Because LiteTile+ Plus folds up to 180º between each light engine, the luminaire can be shaped into numerous configurations allowing for 360º, two-sided, or irregularly shaped setups. LiteTile+ Plus 4 can be directly attached to walls or ceiling surfaces such as office drop-ceilings with just spring-clips or tape. The LiteTile+ Plus 4 really shows its versatility when two units are coupled together and attached to a overhead/butterfly 4’ x 4’ frame. That is 400 watts and more than 4600 cinema quality emitters creating ultra-soft Hybrid light output without the need for additional diffusion.